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How to flat share in Prague


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Be as inconsiderate as you possibly can.

Coming from Iceland I didn’t get many opportunities to live with strangers, as in most likelihood I already knew that “stranger”. In a city like Prague, it is almost inevitable that you will end up living with someone totally different from you. This can either cause problems or you might end up forming great new relationships. In the past five years I have lived with thirteen different individuals, four of whom were great, others were alright but some should have never been allowed outside their mothers house.

One of the wonderful people who should have stayed home, was the British/Indian girl who argued at the top of her lungs every night on Skype with her mother and even though she claimed to be a graduating medical student, in a time of crisis she couldn’t even tell if my ear was about to fall off from infection or if I had an ear at all, she simply had no idea.

Then there was the sex crazed American. She would bring an insane number of men back to our apartment and I can only assume they were all great in bed because the sounds that travelled through the paper wall we had, separating our bedrooms, were horrifying. For three months it felt like I was living in a never-ending Hollywood sex scene (for some this may sound perfect, but I honestly cannot recommend it). I don’t wish to pass judgment upon all Americans but this particular one was not only loud in her sex life, but she also enjoyed studying Czech, reading to herself DOBREE DEEEN over and over like it would make any noticeable difference to her deep southern pronunciation.

I don’t want to forget the stoned Romanian couple, they were very sweet people, but I’m almost certain I was “contact high” from all the weed they smoked with the windows closed. In their room there was a mountain of empty pizza boxes and huge bowls filled with cigarette stubs. I once made and impromptu experiment to see if they would ever take out the garbage. They didn’t. After days and days of trash piling up, in plus thirty degrees, I finally gave up on the stink and did it myself.

Lastly in this lovely list of roommates from hell, I’ll mention the catholic/Buddhist Canadian. He was an out-of-work independent filmmaker who had no interest in leaving the flat. He would spend all day at home cooking himself the most complicated gourmet meals, three times a day. This factor, and his religious indecision was however not my biggest concern, it was the fact that while living together, and to the best of my knowledge, he never owned a toothbrush or any sort of soap. He also found it very difficult to calculate the distance between his genitalia and the toilet, resulting in me stepping in his urine more often than I care to remember.

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think of all these wonderful misfits and who might be the poor unsuspecting individual living with them today. Of course I should have spoken up and told these people that their habits were driving me insane, but conflict is usually best avoided if you have no power over the situation at hand. Truth be told these amazing roommates have supplied me with many laughs and funny party-stories.

I wouldn’t say that I am the perfect roommate, far from it. Sometimes I “borrow” milk and forget to replace it, a few times I have even accidentally left the country without emptying my part of the fridge, causing a horrible smell to arise and lock itself in the whole flat. In the past few years I have been lucky enough to live with clean and somewhat mentally stable characters. These people I have described in the text above did however appear to be tremendously content and satisfied, while I suffered in silence and numerous sleepless nights. In conclusion the lesson I take from these experiences is that you should never be considerate of the people you live with, smoke weed at 9am in the kitchen if you want to, pee on the floor if you feel like it and most importantly don’t ever clean – anything - ever!
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Author: MarĂ­a ElĂ­nardĂłttir

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How to flat share in Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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