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Street performers in Prague


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Walking through the streets of Prague, almost on every corner you will encounter various street performers, from levitating Indian yogis, to a horse headed pianist. Here is a list of some of the best and most intriguing street performances in and around the center of Prague.

Chicken Joe

Chicken Joe sure knows how to draw in a crowd. Often armed with swords, and a 2 meter long whip, this Irish street performer can be found in Old Town square, pulling off a range of rather unusual acts, such as, for one example, laying on broken bottles while being stood on by an audience member. Although nothing spectacular, with a dose of black humor, this act is nonetheless alluring for many passersby.

Horse headed pianist

On Wenceslas Square, usually during the daytime, you can find a talented musician playing his heart out on a keyboard, and wearing a large, rubber horse's head. Causing much amusement for passersby, the performer plays wonderfully, and with a touch of quirky comic genius.

Musical glasses

Street performers around the center of Prague are creating heavenly music with crystal water glass armonica's - an instrument documented back to the Renaissance period. Sliding wet fingers around the top edges of the crystal glasses, they produce dreamy crystal clear melodies, often playing those most well known classical numbers, which accompanied by the back drop of Prague can be an enchanting experience.

Bohemian Bards

Inspired by the folk music of medieval times, the Bohemian Bards are a four piece band, featuring bagpipes, drums, a mandolin and a fiddle. Often found around Old Town Square and Charles bridge, these talented musicians consistently draw in large crowds, not only because of their fine music, but also because they are entertaining to watch. Dressed in their medieval costumes they create an authentic medieval vibe which is all the more potent with the backdrop of some of the oldest buildings in Prague.

Levitating yogi's

That's right, you heard it. Levitating yogi's, which is an act that dates back many centuries, and still captivates the attention of large crowds to this day. With one yogi meditating on the ground, and another levitating above his head, with what appears to be only a wooden staff adjoining them, it's not surprising that hundreds of passersby stop to look on in wonder. Nothing like breaking the laws of physics to get people thinking, and the hell?

Harinama - sankirtana

Hare Krishna devotees swoop through the center of Prague for the Harinama - sankirtana, excitedly dancing and chanting their holy mantras with effervescent joy. Armed with mridangas (two headed drums) karatalas (hand symbols) and a microphone, they surge through Prague with so much energy and vitality that they command the attention of the whole street, and can be heard right across town. Devotee Vidya Vachaspati Prabhu leads the ecstatic congregation with impressive vocal rhythm, and all in the name of realigning people with their spiritual identities. A noble cause in an age of technological distractions and virtual realities, if ever there was one.

Author: Sean Vickers

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Date of Listing: 29 November 2014, 22:13:54

Street performers in Prague


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