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Tourist industry of Prague


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

The Czech republic is a relatively new country and so many tourists arrive each year to explore the mystique and beauties of this great city, which were hidden away under the iron curtain of communism. Since the end of communism and the revolution in 1989, the Czech Republic has opened its arms to international trade and tourism. Prague, the capital city, is becoming more and more popular as a city for tourism. Being in central Europe gives tourists a good reason to visit Prague, as other popular cities are also nearby. With a new found love and intrigue for tourism, Prague has seen a significant development in service operators and firms. Have you ever wondered where to go in Prague and really experience the true beauties and wonders of this golden city?

The tourism industry in Prague has been growing well and now flourishing. As capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is now taking the focus of attention for a new tourist industry in Europe. A whole world of tourism trade is here for the visitors who come to work, travel, be entertained and for making investments. These companies are offering you tour guide services. Companies can vary in size from large touring companies to the single tour guide operators. The small tour guide companies can give big value to the tourists who want a more warm and welcoming feel, more directed and personal. So, which tours are suitable for your needs? What features do you want to include, traveling in a bus or van, larger companies with big package deals, or smaller firms with a more personal and customized tour..?.

The smaller companies with a direct personal service can be more satisfying to the visitors. With so many attractions and distractions, what do you wonder? Well, now you can simply enjoy the wonders of the city. 'Wonders of Prague' is a small tour guide company which gives a special touring experience to the visitor. It is run by an expert of Prague and original Czech woman who knows the history, culture, places and the wonders of Prague. The company is run by one lady and every tour is managed and conducted by her with a personal touch. Martina is so passionate about Prague. She not only has the knowledge and facts of this great city, but she also knows how to entertain and deliver the tour with such passion and fire of energy. In her own words, 'Prague is more than breathtaking. Let me show you how colorful and interesting the city is and how its beauty is reflects its unique history'.

So, do you want to come to Prague and see what it is all about? Do you wonder about Prague, where to go and what to see? At Wonders of Prague, you can get the full picture and Martina takes you straight to the heart of Prague. You can book your tour with the Wonders of Prague and Martina will guide you to the heart of Prague. You can taste a delicate insight into the finest places and attractions of Prague. So, take the tour, see the old town, the new town and the various places that are special and famous to Prague, a city of wonders to explore.

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Tourist industry of Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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