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Networking In Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Living as an expat in a new foreign city can be exciting, challenging and a rather broad experience. Expats who come to live in new places are often looking to network for opportunities and make new contacts for various purposes. Networking communities are a growing area in major cities across the world. One popular city is Prague with its thriving expat community. Prague is a central European city at the threshold of western and eastern Europe. This city is starting to develop into a business hub, and despite its closed and stripped down mentality from communism, it is now a city that is trying to make up for lost time and new development in business and social advancement. Prague is a city that really does need major networking events to help expats to connect with the often cold and reserved Czechs. The international scene of expats is a major boost to Czech economy and the city of Prague has certainly benefited from the growing network of foreign professionals and thriving expat community. So networking events are a great help and support in a city like Prague which is coming out of its shell and becoming more international and slowly catching up with more pro western countries of Europe. One of the major networking organizations is Fryday and as its name sounds... it actually takes place on Friday.

Fryday is an International Network of Cosmopolitan Professionals. Fryday offers unique networking opportunities in a truly international environment. Fryday was established in 2010 and has since expanded to 20+ countries on several continents. One of the exciting cities of Fryday networking is Prague and with such a beautiful city, it is a great host for the events and they are becoming popular in this new city of international tourism. Fryday's mission is to further business and social relationships by combing real life social and professional events with online platforms. The Fryday community is composed of cosmopolitan professional crowd, business owners, government officials and media representatives. Using both, offline and online platforms, the Fryday network works to bring people together so that they can make new contacts as well as sustain those already existing.

So, what does Fryday offer to speakers? Fryday offer speakers some key benefits for networking groups. For example, a senior crowd, large number of guests for professional and extensive online promotion. Also media presence at the event. Fryday provides networking and promotional opportunities across the spectrum of new media and through organisation of popular Fryday events in the biggest cities of the region. We gather 400+ guests at our events and we also represent a great online community with more than 14,000 members on LinkedIn and 17,000 on Facebook. Fryday represents an invaluable channel for any organisation seeking to reach attention of professional audience across the region. Fryday represents an invaluable channel for any organisation seeking to reach attention of professional audience across the region.

Launched on April 17, 2013, Fryday Prague is a major event for people to socialize, connect for business, and just enjoy good company in Prague on Friday evenings. So, join Prague's most popular networking community for international minded professional people. Meet new future employers, employees, good contacts, customers or make just new friends and have a good time after a hard working week. There are complimentary snacks, inclusive welcome drink, tombola with great prizes. You can also invite and bring friends. For support and enquiries you can contact the local representative of the group, who is Hans Weber. If you do not know anybody who is going, then do not worry, as you will be introduced to interesting people so that you will have a great time. Also have a look at the photos of the latest events on the facebook page.

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Networking In Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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