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The Indian Curry In Prague


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Indian food has become popular around the world. It is a very authentic and ancient cuisine that dates back many many centuries ago. At the heart of this great cuisine are the many different spices which give that special taste. Indian food is becoming more and more popular in Europe. But in countries like Czech Republic, a former communist country, it is still developing. The Czechs are quite reserved in their appetite and they are not very accustomed to the 'spices'. Many Eastern European countries are still alienated by Indian food, as they are not familiar with the spices and the style of the food and its preparation. Czech cuisine has hardly any spice and so it so different to the Indian cuisine. But now this is starting to change as Prague is now developing its Indian network of restaurants and the Czechs are starting to get familiar and enjoy this new found food. But Prague is also a growing international city with so many expats coming here to live and work. A lot of these expats in Prague are much more familiar with the Indian curry dishes.

But with so many restaurants starting up in Prague, where do you go for a good Indian meal? What makes a good Indian restaurant in Prague and where should you go? Authentic Indian food can be difficult to find in Prague. If you are an Indian person then you know the true taste and feeling of this cuisine. But some restaurants are not so authentic as they do not make the food in the classic recipe from Indian... but it is filtered down with less spice because the Czechs do not know any better about what is good Indian food. The quality of the ingredients is at the heart of good Indian food and using the real authentic spices. Cooking the dishes in the classic recipe straight from India is essential. Some restaurants are filtering their taste with a lack of motivation to make authentic spicy curry, because they fear that the local Czechs will not handle the taste. So they are making the 'Euro Curry' which is milder and sweeter... and promoting these dishes more such as the Korma or the Butter Chicken or a milder Tikka Masala.

The preparation of the food is important too, and the equipment used, the method of cooking, etc. Presentation is also essential to represent the Indian theme and authentic feel. One particular restaurant that serves authentic Indian food is 'Curry House' in Palmovka. Curry house is a family owned Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, offering a wide range of Indian meat, vegetable and seafood meals. They use recipes passed down from generations of families from Bangladesh and India to serve you traditional dishes never served in Indian restaurant in Prague before. Their kitchen is equipped with modern technology, meeting the highest hygiene standards, including a special Indian clay oven Tandoor. All dishes are prepared with only natural herbs and spices. They exclusively use sunflower oil with low cholesterol and the minimum necessary amount of food dyes.

They are confident that you'll enjoy the great food that they offer and the best service that goes with it. Also the at the curry House, their meat is actually 'halal meat', which is a special type of meat, not so common in Prague. The curry house have a lunch time menu which covers many dishes and options to choose from such as Prawn Madras, Tandoori Chicken, Aloo Gobi and other classics. You can also enjoy a delicious Indian cocktail, known as the Lassi. Tables can be reserved at Curry House, and it is recommended, as this place is a popular choice to experience the authentic Indian meal. Whether you want a mild or hot curry, you will find a dish to suit you at Curry House. In their own words, "Our main objective is to provide great food of the highest quality using only the freshest and finest ingredients prepared to the highest standards."

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The Indian Curry In Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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