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A Jewel In The Crown


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The real culinary delights of Indian cuisine can be hard to find in Prague. So many Indian restaurants are now trying to give their promise of real authentic cuisine. But this real delicate Indian cuisine can be appreciated at Indian Jewel... And why? This is because the owner has such a long history and passion with providing in Prague since the mid 90s, when Indian restaurants were just coming new into the post communist era and the new wave of expats in this city. But what keeps a good Indian restaurant and keep the standard so good over many years? What keeps the jewel in the crown? Indian Jewel has set a standard in Indian restaurants for Prague, which many others are trying to copy and follow. The restaurant is exemplary in it’s style and approach to offering fine Indian cuisine. It has certainly kept its jewel firmly in the crown. Not so many places can be proud if this achievement.

Prague is no longer the wasteland for exotic cuisine that it once was, and the prospect of a decent curry need not wait for a trip to London's Brick Lane. Numerous curry houses have sprouted up around the capital, and curry-cravers in need of a fix now have options for a range of budgets. While some of the Indian restaurants around town may better fulfill the beer-absorbing - albeit sometimes heart-stopping - property of curry's requisites, Indian Jewel in Old Town allows for a fuller experience of high-end Indian food. The owner, Sanjeev Wadehra, is not new to the Indian Restaurant industry. He is a Prague veteran, after living here for many years, since 1996. He has kept this Indian Restaurant running through the years with the changing economy with recession and financial crisis, also floods and natural disasters. He has steered and guided his business with great passion, instinct and customer care. This has resulted in the Indian Jewel to be one of the most prominent Indian restaurants in Prague. It's location in the heart of old town is so central that it has to deliver the demands of the thriving tourist industry that is wandering around... and while these tourists are wandering around the old town of Prague, they may also wonder in delight at finding this great Indian restaurant just right there in the central old town area, just waiting for them.

Indian Jewel is a classic restaurant which serves you finest quality Indian meals that you can be assured to give you the finest tastes straight from India. A stylish eatery with outside tables & a classic menu of Indian curries & tandoori dishes. The Indian Jewel offers you a visual treat with hand carved woodwork and jewelry adorning the walls along with an open Tandoori Kitchen in the restaurant. Our food is authentic Indian cuisine with starters of Pakoras, Samosas and Tandoori items prepared in front of you. The restaurant is situated in the historic center of Prague, right next to the Old Town square. The location of the restaurant is very tourist-friendly and gives a great appeal to visitors. Mr Wadehra has maintained the restaurant with an expert business model and care. Employing the right kind of staff is the key to the success of this long-running restaurant. "The top problem was to bring in manpower," Wadehra said of opening Indian Jewel, an upscale Mughali and Tandoori restaurant, in 2009. "All the cooks and wait staff are from India, and in the 1990s, it was much easier to bring them over."

Indian Jewel will transform your dining experience into a real authentic pleasure. The restaurant provides you with an ambiance that takes you straight into the heart of Indian cuisine. The fine quality ingredients and cooking by only top rated chefs will guarantee you are left satisfied and coming back for more. Check out the reviews. To authenticate and enhance the Indian Jewel, the walls of the restaurant are adorned with tantalizing damsels wearing elegant Indian jewelry. Entrepreneurs of art will be left gazing through tradition, at the special ordered jewelry that is hand carved into white marble. If all this doesn’t tickle your senses, you also have the pleasure of seeing religious woodwork depicting the ancient temple figures that will be a memoir of your culinary passage to India! The Menu includes cuisine to satisfy both vegetarian and the non-vegetarian needs. There is also a LIVE TANDOOR inside the restaurant so you can watch the fresh breads and tandoori items being prepared in front of your very own eyes. If that is not enough, there are freshly brewed lassis to quench your thirst or those magnificent curries to tickle your palate.

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A Jewel In The Crown


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