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An Expats Guide to Alternative Prague (Continued)


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Choose your own hipter adventure (continued)

Summer Cinema at Meet Factory

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, 150 00, Praha 5

Meet Factory is a cultural oasis of everything art in Prague. It’s a gallery space, live music venue, and cinema all in one. For a list of current exhibitions or events, visit their website:

In the summer months Meet Factory hosts a summer cinema in the middle of the week (Tuesday or Wednesday nights) starting at 9:30pm. If mainstream blockbusters are your thing, look elsewhere. Each viewing shows two or three alternative films clumped loosely together by the evening’s theme, labeled cleverly after a weather term: from “bright” or “cloudy,” to “stormy” or “high pressure muse,” there’s a mood, and flick, for everyone. Bonus: no typical movie seats here, the giant pillows and beach recliners only add to the off-beat experience.



Letenské sady, Praha 7

For a hip venue with a view that you can’t be beat, end the night at Stalin, a controversially named, brand new bar located just below the metronome in Letna. Besides its cheap beers, rotating DJs, and breath-taking view of Prague, this outside bar is steeped in history. The actual bar is located in the once graffiti riddled, abandoned building just under the former monument to Stalin that was erected in Letna during the 50s. Although the statue was destroyed years later, its reputation remains. In the 90s it transformed into an underground pirate radio station, and later was revamped into Prague’s first rock club. So. Hip. It. Hurts.

Level of hip: Man bun



Bartolomějská 110, Praha 1

The true calling card of an exclusive bar is one that is difficult to find. Located right by Národní Divadlo, Vzorkovna is deceivingly hidden. Enter the doors into the unlit corridor, down two flights of stairs in complete darkness, led only by the sounds of clinking glasses. Enter the basement hang-out that is seemingly always bustling with an alternative crowd and live music. Seriously, I’ve been here on a Monday night and it’s still busy.

Expats and locals alike slide into the nooks and crannies of this no-frills bar, lit only by flickering candles. Únětický craft beer is served in what looks like re-purposed pickle jars, and the ash trays? Old tuna cans. Another hallmark of this hip bar is the presence of Street Fighter and other old school arcade games scattered throughout.

Don’t be alarmed if in your peripheral you see what looks like a friendly polar bear, slowly lumbering through the crowd. That’s just the bar’s unofficial mascot, a giant and amazingly chill Irish wolfhound, who endures the crowds and drunken petting throughout the night.

Level of hip: Taking Polaroids of your friends drinking PBR

So whatever adventure you choose, you are bound to see a new (and hip) side of the city, and have more fun than riding a tandem bike while sipping a kale smoothie or foraging for mushrooms with a waxed mustache or well, you get the point.

Happy trails.
Level of hip: Quoting Jack Kerouac

Author: Jennifer Phillips

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Date of Listing: 29 July 2015, 17:28:14

An Expats Guide to Alternative Prague (Continued)


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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