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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Teaching English in Prague is a popular choice for many expats who come to the city. There are many agencies and schools looking to hire teachers. But what resources are there for TEFL teachers and also for students, to help and promote teaching and learning? Learning a new language is not easy and there are many challenges that are faced by students. Also, the time and stress involved in learning a language, especially for work and business use, can mean that students will need good resources to help them learn effectively.

For learning English, there are online resources available with many different features. Some sites can be useful while others can be very limited or difficult to use or understand. But one example of a leading website with great features is EFL Prague. This is a premier portal for English as a Foreign language in Prague. The website is based around the English learning community and teachers in Prague, Czech Republic. This city is a growing international city with beautiful setting and it attracts many foreign visitors who come to travel, work and invest in business. So, for the local Czech community it is now a very serious issue to learn English well. So, EFL Prague is your online home for English as a foreign language in Prague. The site focuses around the teachers who want to promote the learning experience, finding private students to teach and to advertise their services, skills and share ideas, etc. Prague is rapidly becoming more and more international with its expat scene with rising numbers of foreigners coming to settle in Prague as a new home. They come to visit and then are attracted to the charms of this beautiful city. Many expats who come to Prague are teachers of English. They often work for the language agencies and also need private students for extra income. Some teachers only work for private students and it can be a very rewarding business for them.

At EFL Prague, a teacher can register and list their profile. There is a teachers section where the teacher can advertise and list their full profile with their teaching services, description, experience, special features, fees, etc. A student can contact a teacher, directly from the teacher profile with a messaging form. Also, there is a students section which is just for students to list their profile with their requirement for learning English. A teacher can then contact a student directly from the student profile with messaging form. Both the students and teachers have a nice networking opportunity. Many students do not wish to study at an expensive school or training centre and would prefer a private teacher who could charge much lower fees. So they want to find their private teacher and EFL Prague gives them the facility and tools to do this. Teachers can search through the list of students and contact them directly. Teachers are not always happy with their agencies and schools. Often there is not enough work or the pay conditions are not sufficient. So teachers turn to private work to find some compensation and an alternative solution to their working needs. So both the students and teacher are turning towards this great private market for their needs. With EFL Prague this relationship is importance and they help to promote the learning experience, to connect students with teachers. So EFL Prague gives a real networking relationship between students and teachers.

Also at EFL Prague, there is a directory section and this is aimed at language schools, agencies, suppliers and any business which is related to English language and training industry. This is a fully featured business directory and you can Language schools can advertise their services and often there is much competition with other schools, especially in Prague. Business advertising is an important and serious feature of EFL Prague. They can provide a high quality of advertising for your business. As well as a business directory, there are other advertising solutions , such as banner advertising, job listings and promotional articles. Advertise your jobs, get your ideal teachers and recruit your office staff. Use the forums, share in useful ideas and discuss topics. There is also testing and certification available and this is one of the special features of this website too. Certification is very important and EFL Prague is a promoter of training with excellence and standards.

Learning and teaching English as a foreign language has become a major industry and online resources are now becoming very important. So to address this issue, EFL Prague is your complete online portal for English as Foreign Language in Prague, and helping to promote English language and learning with useful features. So, if you are a student, teacher or agency, then sign up today and be a part of the EFL community in Prague. Get the help, support and advertising that you need with EFL Prague.
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TEFL In Prague


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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