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NightLife In Prague


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Czech Republic with it's capital being Prague or Praha is considered as the heart of Europe. With a population of over 1.2 million, Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic as well as a cultural and historical hot spot...not to mention the place with the most hookers per capita. Before you visit, here are some facts about nightlife this beautiful and diverse city can offer you.

Before you consider night life in a country,one may consider safety first before making a move but I can tell you Czech Republic is one of the peaceful and safest country in the world,talking about safety meaning you can walk around cities and towns freely in Czech Republic without any interference or attack, Czechs are are reserved and non-violent people.

Prague offers visitors a variety of incredible choice that visitors will have a lot of places of pleasure when it comes to nightlife. From cocktail bars and clubs, to theater, parks and concerts, there are a lot of spots that beat other European Capitals and Cities.

Start your chilling night with cocktail, soft drinks and beers at Prague's popular lounge and bars such as Black Angel’s Bar,Bugsy's bar,Hemingway Bar,KU Bar & Lounge and many others these places are just venues to whet your appetite for a great night. Spice up your night at the hottest nightclubs like Roxy,M1 Lounge Bar & Club,Lucerna Music Bar,Meet Factory,Cross Club, these clubs will keep you alive and energize with up to date music and you wish you had no place call home. You will party till mama calls.

Showtime in Prague is splendid with a lot of historical the theaters and concert halls with great audience you can have a mouth watering Czech play and drama and movie. Visitors can go to popular theaters like National Theatre, The State Opera,AghaRTA,etc.

To conclude I will advise you try Czech beer, Czech Republic produces one of the best and quality in the world.

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NightLife In Prague


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