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Above the city


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First attempts of a challenging relocation

You are never sure you feel home in a place till you leave it and come back. That’s what happened to me after spending my Christmas holidays in Italy, my native country. I moved to Prague at the end of September, after having spent 5 years in India. To be honest, it’s not been really easy so far. The city, the food, the climate, let alone the interactions with people – Czech people are extremely kind when you speak to them and ask for help but there is no broader comment other than the one your question requires. I guess I am one of those wrong individuals who would comment on the weather or how efficient the public transports are and maybe smile more than once at a child on the tram: it’s in my DNA, I am Italian and not by chance I chose to live in India, the country where you are never really alone!

In spite of this, there’s no doubt at all that the Czech capital is a visually amazing city; still I cannot even deny that I felt lost among its beautiful streets, astonishing squares and stunning architectures. I could never feel any ‘vibration’ reaching my heart, I could only enjoy the beauty like anyone would when looking at a beautiful paint that is universally recognized as perfectly done but still doesn’t touch any deep chord of your soul. To make it more personal, it’s the same difference that stands between admiring from a distance a paint by Leonardo da Vinci and, on the other hand, holding your breath fully to dive into one by Marc Chagall, feeling tears coming up all the way from your chest to your eyes. Well, this is how I have been feeling in my first three Czech months: I lacked strong emotions, other than feeling a stranger if not an alien.

Then Christmas came with its lights and its sweet smells in the streets, the markets, the tourists and it all started to become a bit more pleasant. But the surprise was coming back after a warm and fat Italian break. When we landed in Prague on the New Year, the city was fully covered by snow. It looked magic. It suddenly became less far from me, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the calm atmosphere. For the first time in months, I felt I was actually coming back home! It’s incredible to acknowledge that an atmospheric phenomenon can influence you so profoundly, isn’t it? But I guess that is not so strange if even the sea changes its tides according to the moon phases…

Something changed in my perspective and I guess that’s how Prague started responding to me. I feel I am in the place where I am supposed to be now. I am no more a stranger, I am not an alien. I am someone, among millions in the world, who is experiencing something new in life and I am ready for that. I can finally leave my cocoon and soar; let this city pamper me with its fairy tale aura, let it teach me how beautiful life can be if I let myself flow with its stream, along the waters of this beautiful river. I feel the time has come now for me to metaphorically dive in this river, swim in it and accept this new experience at a different parallel without forgetting - being a rather passionate and quite sentimental researcher in philosophy and poetry – that you can never swim in the same river twice cause the river does never remain the same and neither do you.

I will go back to Marc Chagall to borrow one romantic and fascinating image of his and leave you with it: Above the City. In this painting, the artist depicts himself and his lover flying over his native Russian town towards France, towards West. They are flying on the wings of their souls, together, united, above all the conventions of the common sense, tight in a secret and obvious bond, they too fly from East to West, strong in their embrace and light in their whimsical wandering… (Yes yes, this is the one that made me cry ☺).

So, here is where my journey starts: I will tinge the walls of this new life with my own brush, in my inconstant, naïve, sometimes compulsive but for sure sincere way. I will merge in the arts and the music that seem to pervade the huge cultural melting pot that Prague is and I will start a new diary of my exploration, inner and outer.

Wanna follow me in this Bohemian experience?
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Author: Laura Di Nitto

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Date of Listing: 13 January 2016, 18:53:16

Above the city


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