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Acts of Kindness


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Manners in Czechia

I think for most people visiting Prague, one of the first things they notice about the Czech people is their kind nature. This might not be the first thing that springs to mind and it certainly isn’t the rule with all but, from a general perspective there is something of a passivity and mild nature running through Prague’s citizens. There are times, and I’ve encountered plenty, where staff in certain establishments have been less than welcoming and in some cases have demanded a reward for their lack of service, however, once you find your feet and delve into the city, there is definitely a greater sense of compassion and community than one might experience elsewhere.
One of the more common gestures, which Czechs seem to have instilled in them, is the courtesy of giving your seat to someone in more need. This courtesy has even stretched as far as someone offering me, a 27 year old man, their seat because they could see that I was carrying heavy cases on my way home from the airport.
Another, more surprising cultural habit I have noticed whilst walking around Prague, has been the tendency for people to greet you as you enter a lift and wish you a hearty na sheldanou as you exit. Being British, I was at first taken aback by this, but having settled down I now find myself being the one to initiate the gesture; even though I cannot say that I am altogether comfortable with it and it is something I will try not to do upon my return trips to Blighty.
The place where Czech manners are really highlighted though are in the youth. They have never failed to surprise me with their generosity and kindness. I can draw this back to two experiences in which I feared the worst and was ultimately heartened to find my fears allayed. The first came when I saw a businessman slumped asleep in McDonalds after a busy day at the office. I went about my meal, wondering if he was ok but ultimately leaving him to it, when he was approached by 5 children aged around 13-14. Had I seen this in England I would have anticipated that they were probably up to no good and had less than savoury intentions. However, one of them simply looked at him briefly and then bent down and picked up a pen that had slipped from the slumbering man’s grip and placed it carefully back onto the table. Whilst to many this may seem like an ordinary gesture, to me it showed a level of caring well beyond their years and something I would definitely not have expected to see.
The second gesture of kindness which I witnessed came when a young boy dropped his pocket money whilst crossing the road. People suddenly appeared from everywhere, ushering the young chap out of the road and harms way before amassing together to gather every last coin to give back to the child.It is these little acts of generosity and good nature that make Prague and Czechia such a delightful place to live and work.

Author: Christian Groves

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Date of Listing: 05 April 2017, 15:45:17

Acts of Kindness


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