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From Prague to Karlovy Vary


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An Adventure with Anel I

In a cosmopolitan city such as Prague, it is not uncommon to meet and hook up with foreign nationals with an altogether different socio-cultural background. Such was the experience of an alien African man who left his native home somewhere in the Western part of Africa in pursuit of higher education. To live away from home after a couple of decades gave a sense of mixed feeling but the determination to survive surpassed the odds in the wanderer's thought. It was this determination that led to the adventures of Anel.

Anel walked into the lecture hall one evening and was immediately noticed as the new girl on campus. This would be 7 weeks of lectures. She looked decent in appearance and walked modestly. One could tell she was unique at a glance. She was a beauty to behold. Close to five minutes, my eyes were fixed on her and I had a glowing admiration for her. From that evening, I knew we would be friends but didn’t know how to make it happen.

Nauryz was the occasion that stroke the cord of friendship. It was a celebration of New Moon or New Year for the students of central Asia in Czech University of Life Sciences and I happened to be invited by my Uzbek friends. It was a celebration par excellence. A couple of traditional dance, music and history was showcased. I had the opportunity to perform in one of the traditional dances. It was a privilege that granted me the chance to meet my Kazakh crush which led to our first conversation. Our friendship began from that moment growing day by day. One day, we agreed to explore the adventurous ancient tourists’ city of Karlovy Vary together. Boarding the Students Agency Branded bus we chatted a lot and took selfies (taking pictures with front camera of phone). Anel spoke to her parents back at home on a phone call in my presence and told them all about me; her new friend.

Unlike me, Anel was an experienced traveler and she made the tour exciting. We had lots of chitty chats, shared our different experiences and enjoyed the warmth of each other. It was not long and we beheld the most spoken about city of Karlovy Vary, The city of Spas. On landing, we secured tickets that will help us use the intra city bus legally and then started our pseudo-romantic adventure. The expedition was pregnant with breathtaking moments, photo taking, and lunch in a restaurant in the heart of Karlovy Vary, a city of natural thermal springs. The euphoria characterizing the adventure was great. A lot more interesting people from all walks of live were met.

Watch for Part two and Three that will vividly capture who Anel is and the a description of Karlovy Vary, traveling from Prague to Karlovy Vary from the Writer’s perspective. The Best is yet to hit!

Author: Enoch Mensah Boateng

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Date of Listing: 24 July 2017, 05:51:00

From Prague to Karlovy Vary


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