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Dobra Kavarna Trafika


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Old-Timey Cafe in Ujezd

The "trafika" element greets the guest upon immediate passage into the Ujezd branch of Kavarna Dobra trafika, with a frontal section stocked with "tisk" (print) and "tabak" (tobacco) inventory. Newspapers, magazines, cigarettes and pipes surround sundry goods that altogether fulfill the checklist of a classic Czech newsagent. One can peruse the news there or stride a few steps forward towards the rear "kavarna" compartment, a cozy, two-room cafe. Within pale violet walls, unmatched shades don lamps hanging from the walls and ceiling, the radiance of their bulbs harmonizing into a subtly awakening glow. Against the south-facing wall in the backroom, pairs of hardwood chairs with semicircular backrests flank minuscule tables; sizable tables accommodate dates or groups. Diverse coffee beans that have traveled to this Prague cafe from afar—arabica from Java to Guatemala, robust from India and Vietnam—are classified by their national origins on a menu that also lists teas, beers, wines, spirits and fare. Sounds of Ella Fitzgerald engender a nostalgic aura. Outdoors, a garden is nestled within backsides residential structures that, though fortify a meditative enclave typical of Prague, obstruct the views of nearby Petrin Hill. Downstairs, a venue regularly hosts music events in the evening hours. Despite all of the stimuli, the overall atmosphere within the kavarna coalesces into something simple: something simply "dobra" (good).

Author: Tanya Silverman

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Date of Listing: 15 November 2017, 01:40:32

Dobra Kavarna Trafika


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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