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The St. Vitus Cathedral


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Information about the most amazing building in all of Prague.

The St. Vitus Cathedral is the first temple of the Czech Republic. Itís the place where archbishops, kings, and Czech princes have met over centuries.

The resting place of many saints, the impressive Gothic structure is the national treasury and contains the Coronation Cross and Saint Wenceslas Crown. It offers a quiet, free space for focus and concentration, to those religious and non-theistic.

The first time I saw the St. Vitus Cathedral, I was awestruck. I had seen plenty of impressive buildings and churches throughout Europe previous to this, but I knew right away that none of them compared to this!

You can see its towers and reaching spikes from various points around the city, and to get a good look at it up close, you have to step pretty far back.

I was most mesmerized by the gargoyles with water pipes extending from their mouths. Among these were small figures playing instruments. These features were, again, unlike anything Iíd ever seen on other cathedrals in Europe.

Were they there to ward off evil spirits? To guard the cathedral? Whatever the case, the mystery was certainly compelling.

The entire structure is covered in what appears to be soot. The dirt of centuries past gives the breathtaking cathedral an even more mysterious vibe. Looking at it, you canít help but wonder what it looked like when it was clean.

Even though the cathedral is only one part of Prague Castle, itís the place that stood out the most.

Itís so magnificent that it made me want to go to a church service for the first time in over a decade, just so I could see what the inside looks like.

If you havenít visited yet and have an appreciation for history, I canít recommend a better place to put on your list.

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The St. Vitus Cathedral


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