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How Czech women resemble HBO's Sex In The City.


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Friday night, it is getting loud in a beer bar and restaurant in central Prague. I left my company for a while and as I departed to the bathroom, a strong uproar of high-pitched laughter came from a table that I passed. I turned my head in its direction to see what I then classified as a ladies' bachelor party - women in their late twenties or thirties, fancily dressed in gold, silver and flashy tops and dresses, who posingly held a glass of red wine as they cheered to the bride-to-be (the one dressed in white, sitting at head of the long table)'s future. I departed to the bathroom, however to be trapped then in a 30's world.

I wanted to get out of the toilet cabin, but then, two giggling women with mature voices entered the "living room" of the restrooms. I thought to myself: I'll wait, a minute or two won't kill me. Honestly? It depressed me slightly! Here is why:

The first (A), probably holding a phone, strolling down the messages, told the other: "Look, here - so here, here he is asking what I look like. So then, I told him to send me his photo. He did - and look, here he is"

B: "Have you met yet?"

A: "In person? No. So here's his photo and I'm thinking to myself: he's fit. I wrote that he's attractive. He then replied: And what do you exactly like about me?"

B (gasping, dramatically): "What?"

A: "Exactly! We haven't seen each other even. And I'm just thinking, what the hell? Does he want to meet me or not? Like, really"

B: "Hey, hey, you know what - just tell him straight on that you're interested only in seeing him in person, not in all this messaging"

A: "Oh, I will!" (The phone buzzes) "Oh oh, he just wrote! That's him! (Reading it out loud) Can you send me your photo? F*ck, I look terrible today."

B: "No, hun - you look fine! Go, I'll take your photo for you."

A: "O-okay, so ... here?"

(My patience here starts running out, so I unlock my door to see a full-figured dirty-blonde woman in an overly-bold gold top, standing artificially on her side, hand on sink, other on waist, staring directly at her phone in her girlfriend's hands. Click! First shot is taken and immediately A dashes to B, and exclaims: "Oh no, no! Again!" and the posing begins again, ignoring me, still standing in the cabin but with open door. Again I had to wait through the posing and then I ran out of the imprisonment of abnoxious women, still not quick enough to not hear A say contently: "Oh yeah, that'll do".)

Back at the table with my company, I apologised for my long absence and explained what just happened. They all smirked enthustiastically. I glanced back at the ladies' table to see the two bathroom women sitting down and both lighting cigarettes before texting and busying away on their mobile phones with dull emotionless faces...

Lesson? Moral? This scene reminded me so much of Sex in the City - the evident search of a man by women twice my age perhaps and the means of communication they endure in its process. Being single, to a certain age I guess when social expectations come along, is not something to be ashamed of and these women perfectly reflected the want to change their relationship status. It is said Czech women are gold-diggers or just wanting to "go West" with some English teacher. However, they are women too. In this case, the man wanted compliments and ego-boosters and still, it are the women who are to try and fight for his attention. Moral? Life is about other things than men, too! Your friend was getting married, throw away those phones and enjoy other aspects of the richness of life! Do not blabber away like Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda about men, as when the time comes, you will have one. Kdo si počká, ten se dočká - until then, carpe diem!

Author: Augustine Wood

Category: Relationships Viewed: 3913 times
Username: AugustineW Listing Ref: 1514248496
Date of Listing: 04 January 2013, 12:29:30

How Czech women resemble HBO's Sex In The City.


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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