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Prague and the Drunken Stag Dos


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Prague is known as Europe’s fairy-tale capital, with its beautiful jaw-dropping architecture, borrowed from the Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Gothic periods to name a few. It is a city that draws perfectly sophisticated holiday makers from around the world who come for sightseeing and sample Czech culture in form of culinary delights. But of late, Prague is becoming known for drunken stag parties. Known for its cheap beers and diverse night life, it has attracted many stag parties, especially the British. In 2004, the British stag parties became such a problem for Czech tourism who reported that 20% of all weekend crimes were due to British men being on their stag parties. At the time, Czech politicians and tourism officials called for laws to tackle drunken visitors who were putting off other tourists visiting the city. Czech tourism minister, Jiri Paroubek was said to have launched a campaign in London to promote Prague as a culinary destination, in a bid to shed its party capital reputation.

In my last two visits to the city, it has been impossible not to come across a group of stag merry makers cutting through the Old Town Square, being loud and raucous and on their way to get blindingly drunk. But there is a huge presence of police in the city centre, especially at night time, to control and monitor the night life. Speaking to the bar staff in one of the bars I had visited earlier this month, I asked them who were the worst customers to grace this place and they told me British stag parties. They explained how they are usually loud, boisterous, and teased girls to a point of unnecessarily touching them. This made me feel incredibly embarrassed for my countrymen. I know that most stag parties do not come to Prague for culture or sightseeing but for drinking and good time. They don’t have an interest in the city itself, but what the city has to offer in terms of cheap beers and sex.

I wonder how the locals in Prague feel about stag parties and how this has impacted them. Speaking about the locals in my last visit, my perfect stranger thought that the locals were fed up of tourists. It was I that had disagreed, adding the locals’ embraced tourism in this city as it made Prague very lively and happening. However, now I feel there is always a limit to embracing tourism. Drunken stag party is probably not one of them. Mercifully, the city knows how to do damage control and restores its reputation as a historical destination. I have a feeling that irrespective of cheap beers and night life, Prague will always remain a beautiful fairy-tale destination.

Author: Kakul Ehsan Butt

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Date of Listing: 16 April 2013, 00:10:16

Prague and the Drunken Stag Dos


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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