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Stories of unusual people


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

I do not know how about you but I love watching through people. In such way I close up of problems and plunge into the world of unusual people's stories. I want to help / laugh / love / to be sad / ... with them.

My favorite place of scanning life stories is a subway. This is definitely because of the sound of wheels. Always try to choose the most convenient place for espionage and, pretending to listen to wonderful music in my headphones and starting to watch the millions of different stories.

Have you ever tried? Try it! This is incredible!

Today I decided to spy sitting. Found a comfortable seat, began to make up stories.

There was a young couple in front of me. They just came back from vacation, because they were improperly tanned and kept huge suitcases. The travel bags look different. Couple was looking interestedly some movie on the gadget. It was definitely a melodrama, and it has just published in a rental. Something like the "Gone with the Wind", but in a new way. Yes, that's right. The young man smiled slightly and enjoyed watching the movie, and the girl tightly clutched the handle bags and crying. She was in a little distant from him, and I could not understand why. Perhaps in the history on the small screen tablet, she saw her. Or just she didn't want to feel him when she cried.

Leaving a few prints of this story, I began to write.

Over my soul there was a forty-year lady who burns through my eyes, while handing me the idea of how she needs to sit down. I'm sorry, madam, today is not your day.

To the right there was a girl who opened a pack of chocolates of about 2 minutes ago and tried one piece. It seems that she got an absolute orgasm from the first candy. And then from the second one. And then she was going to eat the third, but something prompted her that so many chocolate orgasms in her angelic pope clearly would stick together everything.

Near the exit there was a boy and he was reading Chekhov. You know what's blasphemy? He printed the Chekhov book, clinched it with a stapler and casually put it in his backpack. How can you do this to Antosha Chekhonte? Boy. When you really understand this incredible author, you'll feel very sorry for this.

It seems I have more no time to watch some another story and to it write down. I closed my notebook, casually throw the pencil in my bag, and turn off the player. The mission is over. I collected stories for today. Now, I can get for my stories.

Author: Alena Davydova

Category: Visitors and Tourism Viewed: 1127 times
Username: Alena_D Listing Ref: 623166263
Date of Listing: 21 August 2013, 08:42:22

Stories of unusual people


Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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