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A Budding Romance

I make it a practice to not fall in love easily. I fully enjoy the places I visit and always look for indulgences that tourists usually avoid, but I keep my feet facing forward and maintain a wanderers spirit. It's safer this way. The last thing I want is to get attached to a place and settle down permanently.

The first time I visited Prague I knew nothing about it and only went on a whim, but from those first moments I could already sense the "magic" that melts from every crevice of the city. From every meal, to every sip, to every step on a cobblestoned street: I was captivated. The golden city, it was. It was my first love affair with a city, and I swore that I would come back.

Four years later, I did. I moved to Prague based on a feeling, a flutter of emotions. I arrived with one bag, no return flight and a sense of calm that what I was doing was in perfect harmony with the universe.

My first few weeks here have been spent looking up and maintaining the idea that I live in a wonderland; which has done a remarkable job in suppressing my constant wanderlust spirit. I am among people who like their ideas to be open, their writing to be bold, and their drinks to be stout.

I might have found a home.
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Date of Listing: 09 October 2013, 15:19:11
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Date of Listing: 09 October 2013, 15:19:11



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