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The Facts You Should Know About Czech Republic


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The Czech Republic is located in East Europe. It sits astride few of the oldest and most significant land routes of Europe. Czech Republic is little bit of smaller than the state of South Carolina in United States. The Total Area of Czech Republic is seventy eight thousand sq km. Its neighboring countries are Poland (It lies on Northeast), Slovakia (It lies on the southeast), Austria (it lies on the south), and Germany (it lies on west and northwest). Prague is the capital of Czech Republic.

About Czech Republic:
The State of Czech is formerly known as Bohemia and was formed in the 9th century as at the time under ruler of the powerful Great Moravian Empire. After the death of the Empire, the power of rule was transferred from Moravia to Bohemia. There is Parliament democracy and democratic government is formed by elections. Their exports are $134.1 billion and the import business of Czech Republic is $129 billion. There are 13 million mobile users and 6.681 million inter users. Czech Republic is the fifth best country of the world for the freedom of Press. The Czech Republic is known for its spa towns. An inventor and chemist from Czech Republic whose name was Otto Wichterle invented contact lenses in the year of 1959. Czech Republic has its army and there are 25000 active soldiers in army. They have 300 tanks. Poland, Slovakia and Austria are the neighbors of Czech Republic.

The climate of Czech Republic differs at various regions. It depends upon the sea level. The Czech Republic has a temperate climate with cool summer, cloudy, and chilled winters.

Lifestyle in Czech Republic:
Czech Republic is one of the fast growing countries in the world. The economy of Czech Republic is strong and the people of Czech Republic are modern. There are 70% people living in urbanization and 30% people are rural. There is great opportunity to invest in Czech Republic. Most of the people are Urban and living in moderate family. The lifestyle of Czech Republic is glamorous in big cities like Prague. Tourism is one of the big sources of earning in Czech Republic. There are Hotels, Pubs, Bars, Disco and people go to Czech Republic from all over the world to enjoy nightlife of Cities.

Czech people speak Czech language. This language uses the Latin alphabet with some of extra letters. The local people usually know about little German, English, or Russian. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic; English is widely spoken and understood.

Most of Czechs accept no formal religion and they are atheist or agnostic. Approximately 60% people are agnostic in Czech Republic. Many of them say that they believe in spiritual forces, although only 26% accept with the Roman Catholic faith. Other religions count themselves only in a small percent of the population.

Currency is Koruna of Czech Republic. When Czech Republic was with Slovenia then currency of Czechoslovakia was Czechoslovak Koruna.

Czech people are known to be the heaviest drinkers of Beer in the world. The death rate of Czech is second in world by Cancer. Hungary is holding the position of one in death rate by Cancer. Czech Republic people take Beer in heavy quantity. Drinking is not banned in Czech Republic but it is open in whole country and you can buy it very cheap rates.

Prosperity in Czech Republic:
The Czech Republic is supposed to be the second richest European country after Slovenia. It has lots of airports with paved runaways. Czech Republic is one of the most prosper countries in the world. It comes under 30. The GDP rate of Czech Republic is $300 billion and it is the fastest growing country in the world. Czech Republic spends only $4 billion to its military out of the total budget of it. Czech Republic uses 1% of its GDP in Defense expenditures.

Natural Resources:
The Republic of Czech is known for its natural beauty in the world and there is lot of natural beauties found. Coal, Kaolin, Graphite and Timber are natural resources of Czech Republic. Czech Republic has some rivers and lakes like Morava, Elbe and Vlatava.

The total population of Czech Republic is about Ten and half million. Most of the people in Czech Republic are Urban. Czech Republic is full of nature and 25% of Czech lives in villages. Urban civilization of Czech Republic has good impact on villages. Most of the farmers do farming. The Birth rate of Czech Republic is 9 births per thousand and death rate is 11 deaths per thousands of population. The mothers mean age at the first birth of baby is 28 years in Czech Republic. Fertility rate in Czech Republic is 1.3 children born per woman. The unemployment rate of Czech Republic is 7% whereas nearby countries have more than unemployment rate of Czech Republic like Croatia.

The Czech Republic is 99% literate country. Most of the Czech people have completed the secondary education. Czech Republic holds the 33rd rank in the world.

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The Facts You Should Know About Czech Republic


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