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How I Hit the Wall


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The Adventures of the Curly Haired in Prague

Have you ever seen anybody running, hitting the wall painfully and falling on the ground? That’s funny, isn’t it? But agree it’s painful. “What does it have to do with wonderful Prague and Czech Republic?”, you will ask. Here is one of the stories, how I hit the wall.

After living in Prague for about a year and thinking that I have tried everything in Czech Republic, including not only Czech food and beer, places of interest, theatres and cinemas, but also dealing with the Emergency and being taken to hospital in Prague while having not Czech but international health insurance and not being fluent in Czech. The latter, seemed to be the hardest challenge I had to meet, but I was mistaken. A year has passed since the day I came to Prague, my hair grew longer and the time came when I had to have them cut.

This question was appearing in my mind while getting up, taking a shower, taking a tram, going to work, having lunch, chatting on facebook, passing by the beauty salon with my heart beating quickly, trying to order beer in Czech, waiting for the night tram and going to bed. “What was the problem?”, again you will ask.
My hair is curly on contrary to 99 percent of the population living in Czech Republic and its neighbouring countries, and I have heard many horrific stories how the hairdressers in Czech Republic are not used to my type of hair.

Finally, one of my friends recommended me a beauty salon the hairdressers of which come from Syria - a country the population of which has the same type of hair as me: I have double-checked on google. Shivering I went there, said “hello” in Arabic to please them and sat on the “luck” chair, from which I would stand up either happy, or sad. Minutes were passing; he was cutting my hair very slowly and carefully. After half an hour I began to feel that he was not confident about what he was doing. I looked at him through the mirror. Our eyes met. He took another bunch of my hair, put between the fingers and was going to cut when his hands began shivering.

- If you feel tired, you can have a rest and continue later, - I said.
- No, that’s ok.
- I would insist on that, as I see that...
He did not let me finish and went to smoke a cigarette. I looked at my hair. Something was wrong: too short. It seemed that everybody could hear my heart beating loudly. He came back, took the scissors and... And I stopped him.
- I have to go.
- But I have not finished yet.
- That’s ok, how much shall I pay.
- 400 CZK, but let me finish first.
- No, you have cut too much.
- I have cut as much as you showed me – up to the shoulders.
- Up to the shoulders, but while they are curly. (There can be from five to ten centimetres of difference between straight and curly hair).

I paid and left with my eyes full of tears. I was crying imagining how funny I looked and how my boyfriend would laugh seeing my new “hairstyle”. But this is not the end of the story. An hour later I received a call from the director of the beauty salon asking me to come the next day, as they cannot leave my hair half cut. After crying the whole evening and morning I went there with sad face and red eyes. He made my hair look a little better, though it did not save the situation. As they say when one door closes another opens. I decided to spend my vacation in my home country, meet my family and friends and the most important person at that moment – my hairdresser.

Author: Seda Stepanyan

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Date of Listing: 04 March 2014, 09:01:39

How I Hit the Wall


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