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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

Czech This - The Premier Portal for Expats and Business in Prague

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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Professional Coaching

Are you an Expat, a tourist or a foreign student in Prague? Are you adapting to a new environment or planning to relocate here?

SmartCharla will make your stay pleasant, enjoyable, educational and interesting.

My Czech LANGUAGE courses with a bit of cross-cultural coaching will help you get closer to the Czech people and culture.

My COACHING PROGRAM will show you how to personally benefit from living abroad so you would take your stay or life here as an opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery.

Language lessons and coaching sessions take place in the privacy of my office where you can fully enjoy various teaching materials (printed, audio and video) and coaching methods and tools and concentrate on making the most of your studying as well as your self-reflection time.

My office is located just a few steps from Anděl underground station - Na KnĂ­ĹľecĂ­ exit.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing you grow!

Pavlína Hanzíková

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Confront and Reframe in 5 days for Expats coaching program

Being in a different culture and environment gives you a great chance to look at yourself and your life from a distance and ask yourself some important questions.

Do I have/live in a fulfilled relationship?

What do I focus on? Who/What am I surrounded by?

Have I achieved all my goals?

Do I look after my mental and physical health?

What do I really believe in..?

What do I actually want to do with my life?

Use your stay in Prague as a unique opportunity to answer these questions and explore much more about yourself.

Confront and Reframe with me in 5 days.

I will look forward to seeing you blossom and become the real you!

Pavlina Hanzikova
Founder of Confront and Reframe Coaching
Master Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Business Success Coach
Other Info - Czech tutoring - a unique coaching program for expats and visitors in Prague - unique coaching and mentoring services for expats and visitors in Prague
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Pavlina Hanzikova-Founder
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SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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