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The Czech Doctor Experience


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The smell of stale cigarette smoke wafted through the open doorway of the adjoining room and I wondered if I had mistaken the doctors office for a herna bar.
I've always been fearful of doctors offices, and more importantly the fees bestowed upon me for merely walking through the doors. The sterility of the offices and hospitals I was accustomed to made the obvious smell of smoke shocking. You don't smoke in doctors offices! Or do they not go by these rules in the Czech Republic?
I had traveled up five floors in a rickety elevator with concerns that it would go crashing to the ground with the weight of two people in it. The building could have been any old apartment building in the city. Exiting the elevator, I opened a door and stepped into a hallway where one of 8 doors could be chosen. Luckily, the doctor's name was near one of the doors, so I opened it, entered another small hallway, then a waiting room with red chairs along three walls. There was no check in to see the doctor. It appeared that whoever got there first got to go first.
I don't speak Czech, so I wondered how this doctor visit would go.
When it was my turn, I walked into the next room. It was not the doctor, but a nurse/receptionist. She sat behind a desk, and said/motioned that I was to sit in the chair across from her. She took my blood pressure, asked for my insurance information, then sent me to the next adjoining room. The real I stepped into the stale smoke cloud and sat in the chair positioned between the doorway and the edge of the desk, which was scattered with random doctor stuff as well as an ancient computer.
I'm guessing he asked about my symptoms, but I can't be sure. I mimed and did the best sign language I could muster, and he laughed when I mimed something about dying.
The doctor took my temperature, looked at my throat, then typed into his computer to write a prescription after asking me to pay him the 30kc fee.
That was my first Czech doctor experience.
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The Czech Doctor Experience

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