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Traditional Czech Meal for Beg


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My first few days in Prague were a feeding frenzy. I purposely made breakfast, lunch, and dinner heavy, but enjoyably traditional Czech meals: Klobása, Goulash and Dumplings, Bramborák (potato pancakes), and Smažený Sýr (fried cheese).

I touched all the bases. I went to the food markets in the center of Prague for Klobása, to pubs in Vinohrady to drink Pilsner and eat potato pancakes and fried cheese, and to the outskirts of the city for goulash and dumplings.

I thought I was quickly becoming an expert in Czech cuisine. Until one day when my new friend, a Czech native, invited a group of friends and me to a real traditional Czech meal. I was sure I had already experienced many of these, but I was wrong.

We arrived at the restaurant, Koliba U pastĂ˝řky in Prague 4 after being a little lost and very hungry.

So, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see right away—that’s part of its charm. And if you’re hungry, you definitely won’t be after your visit.

The restaurant is tucked back in a garden, which has signs of being lush and peaceful during more agreeable seasons.

Just walk through the gate and down the pathway and you’ll be greeted by a quaint wooden building.

When I arrived I felt like I had been taken back in time to 40 years prior, when the restaurant first opened, just the experience I was looking for. The family-style seating of long tables and benches made me feel warm right away. The open grill in the middle of the restaurant may also have had something to do with this, but the charm and intimacy of the décor is unmatched.

We sat down and ordered our Pilsners, asking our Czech friend for some expert advice on ordering: the steak tartare, the spicy ribs, the mixed grill, and the goulash. She went on with enthusiasm.

However, I was immediately attracted to the mixed grill options. There are two. One of which is a variety of meat and other side dishes, and the other consisting of skewers of meat and grilled vegetables. Each option is big enough for two people so four of us decided to team up to order both.

Waiting for our food was hardly a task after we finally pulled our drooling faces away from the open grill to enjoy the live entertainment; Czech folk music. Two men serenaded our table playing the cello and the accordion, signing in soft, low voices. When the beer was finally absorbed and the tune picked up a bit we danced a little.

And don’t be afraid to dance—the band will smile and maybe even laugh.

Our food arrived. The mixed grill was set down in front of us first. Slices of cheese, fries, grilled peppers and onions, pork, chicken, steak, and potato pancakes. Before I could even check my vision the second mixed grill arrived with skewers hanging from a suspended stand.

The skewers must have been almost two feet long. I was shocked, but also so delighted I could have cried and that is no exaggeration. We all stabbed random pieces of goodness exclaiming with full mouths that whatever we were
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Traditional Czech Meal for Beg

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