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You Want Me to Move Where?


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Czech This - The Premier Portal for Expats and Business in Prague

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

And Then There Was Prague...

“You want me to move where?” was my bewildered question to my husband who casually just mentioned a four thousand mile move to CZ one fine summer day. “Well they offered me a job there and I really want to take it “ replies the man.

After a week of digesting this information while avoiding any meaningful conversation with my other half the smoke began to clear and I started having rational thought processes once again. Or not. My final answer was, “why the hell not?”
And then there was Prague. A place I knew almost nothing about except excellent hockey and a Communist past. I gave up my job of fifteen years, sold my house, shipped my dog and left my family and friends and my beloved Atlantic Ocean. And it was the best decision we ever made.

I ride the tram and metro like a champ. I eat goulash and pickled things. I have a Tesco club card. I love Czech beer and its ridiculous plentitude. I say prosim and dekuji a hundred times a day. I learned how to order from a deli in Czech. I became an English teacher. Wait. These are the things of young wanderers! I am almost forty years old!

But alas....My dog loves Prague even more than I do. He frequents the pubs and spends his days patrolling Petrin. He is as amazed as I at how many Czech establishments allow him to shed on their floors and place his wet nose into stranger’s hands. Its fantastic for both of us.

I could relay the typical clichés such as “you only live once” and “the world is your oyster” (which apparently I just did). I would like to say, however, that becoming an expat is incredibly exciting, challenging, terrifying and at the end of the day, dam good for the soul.
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You Want Me to Move Where?

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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

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Czech This - The Premier Portal for Expats and Business in Prague

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