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Prague Parks


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A review of a few of Prague's parks and natural pr

As you look at a map, or walk around, you may notice Prague has many parks and green areas spread throughout the magical city. The city of Prague maintains many parks and natural preservation areas which are free to the public. While the parks vary in size from small to very large, you can find beautiful parks in every section of Prague. The following list are a few favorites.

1. Divoka Sarka
Divoka Sarka is a natural preservation area located in Prague 6. The park is filled with mountainous terrain and lots of trails for hiking and cycling. The park has two areas for swimming. A swimming pool is located in the middle of the park and is considered one of the nicest places to swim in Prague. There is a section for children as well as a larger pool for laps or general swimming. There is also a man-made lake called “Dzban” which is located at the beginning of the park closest to the tram stop “Divoka Sarka”. Dzban is maintained year round and has an area for the general public as well as a nudist area. There are several locations for snacks and refreshments as well as a restaurant located inside the park.

2. Letenske Sady
Letenske Sady overlooks the old town and small quarter areas of Prague. The park boasts many amazing views of the city. There are many paved areas for walking, cycling and inline skating, as well as playgrounds for children. The metronome sits atop the park and is a famous area for skateboarders, both locally and internationally. One of Prague's most famous beer gardens is located in Letna Park. There are several places for snacks and refreshments as well as a couple of restaurants varying in price range throughout the park.

3. Stromovka
Stromovka is a somewhat overlooked gem in the heart of the city. Located in Prague 7 next to the exhibition center, Stromovka was once home to royal hunting grounds. The summer residence of Rudolf II still sits at one of the park entrances. This park connects to the area known as Troja, which is where the Prague Zoo is located. There are two places where you can rent items such as inline skates, bicycles, scooters and other recreational transportation. There are both paved and unpaved paths throughout the park. There are a couple of stands offering snacks and refreshments and several restaurants are close by.

4. Petrin Sady
Petrin Hill is located just next to the castle. Petrin houses the royal orchards and the royal observatory. There is a funicular which takes passengers to the top of the hill where you can find the observatory as well as a labyrinth and Petrin Tower. Petrin Tower is a 1/8th replica of the eiffel tower in Paris. You must pay for entrance to the observatory, labyrinth and tower, but the park is free to the public. There are many restaurants located either in or on the edges of the park with many varieties of cuisine to choose from. At the top of Petrin hill lies Strahov Klaster, which houses one of the oldest breweries in Europe.
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Prague Parks

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