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The Dutch pub


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Prague has just been gifted with a new exciting place to go for dinner or drinks: the Dutch pub. As their slogan on the website states “A piece of Holland in the center of Prague”, and what a piece it is. They opened up a mere week ago and last night it was already quite full. For those looking for a simple yet sophisticated place to have a bite this is the place to go. Its rather rustic decoration of wooden tables and chairs, and traditional Dutch vases and ceramic shoes displayed everywhere gives it a nice welcoming feel.

Moreover, for those who, like myself, are a bit suspicious of what happens behind the scenes, the Dutch pub has an open kitchen right in the middle of the room. Guests are, therefore, invited to watch from their seats as the Chef works on his creations. It seems like a place that could be enjoyed with one’s family, or with some friends, or even on a date.

I myself went there on a nice romantic date and enjoyed the most magical meal. Their selection of food is quite impressive, and surpasses many menus around Prague. We started off with some perfectly cooked mussels bathed in cream. They were an absolute delight to the senses, not only soft and gentle in texture, but also wonderfully tasteful. The mussels were followed by rabbit leg with vegetables. The meat fell off the bone easily and the vegetables gave the dish a vibrant flavor. We ordered some rosé to go with the food, which perfectly unified all the components of the meal. The service was great, friendly waiters with good English served us in a timely manner.

In fact, a big problem in restaurants in Prague is the ridiculous amount of time one needs to wait for food, averaging at 50 minutes. Needless to say, 50 minutes is a bit of stretch even for the most patient of people. Fortunately at the Dutch pub, food came twice as fast. Although the overall experience was more than enjoyable, the whole atmosphere was somewhat disturbed by a poor music selection. From a smooth tune to a club mix, the whole sequence was a bit of a mess. Since it is a new place that has only recently opened we will excuse the music in the hopes that in time they will find a more appropriate playlist to match its lovely atmosphere.
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The Dutch pub

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