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New Tastes of Prague: Indonesi


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Beef rendang is boss

In the last couple of years, Prague has experienced a small kick in food culture, with new restaurants popping up all over town, serving food far from the knedliky-spectrum of tastes. Recalling many years ago, when I first arrived in Prague as a doe-eyed, anti-pesticide vegetarian, my menu options were limited to fried cheese and potatoes. You could probably get a measly salad if you were lucky. However, Prague foodies have seemed to embrace this expansion into cuisine-by-country, dining at burger joints, Banh Mi places, ramen houses, and my recent obsession: Indonesian restaurants.

Javanka & Co. in Vinohrady calls itself an Indonesian fusion bistro. Having not ever lived or traveled to Indonesia, I’ll take their word for it as far as taste, but the menu offers only Indonesian dishes. The interior is quite kitchy, as in the style of a suburban, middle-class American fresh juice bar — that, being mismatched chairs, tables with peeling paint, and wine crates as cabinets. Nothing new, but quite a contemporary trend for Prague.

I’d heard nothing but amazing things about beef rendang and decided to give it a try. I chose a thick coconut smoothie type drink to start with and really, could a drink get anymore delicious than that? I would have preferred it a bit colder, maybe on ice, but after one sip, it would be shameful to complain.

The rendang came in a decently-sized portion. This, of course, is nothing compared to a heaping plate at some Czech hospoda, but enough to fill you up. Aside from the rice and beef, the dish also comes with a salad of lettuce, green beans, tofu, topped with a delicious peanut dressing. I mean, this dressing alone is worth the trip.

The rendang comes with tender cubes of beef (which can only be cooked for many hours) that you can easily cut through with your fork or chopsticks. The sauce is full-flavored, with a hint of sweetness, and not spicy at all. It’s not what I would commonly expect from a brown sauce and found it devoid of salt and pepper, but the marriage between coriander and turmeric is nothing short of incredible. There are several authentic Indonesian hot sauces to choose from on the counter, but do beware: these are not spices for the weak.

All in all, I’d say this is a nice, cozy place to dine in, with just enough diy decor to save it from austerity. Keep in mind that it does close at 21:00 and has a rather small interior. The redang proved to be a tasty, very well-prepared dish without breaking the bank, at about 150 czk. So, if you want a incredible meal, a-typical of Czech cuisine, be sure to stop in to Javanka & Co.
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New Tastes of Prague: Indonesi

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