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A Spanish village in Josefov,


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Brexit Brits - For Brits, Expats And Brexit

The area is a bit strange. There weren't as many hookers as I imagined. Just imagine a self-confident European capital city with a gorgeous central historical square and no hookers! I mean, for real? It has developed from a settlement in 800s into a prime estate area, full of the best examples of architecture in renaissance, baroque and art nouveau styles. Are you there? So, now imagine you cross this beautiful square and take a broad street at its bottom to the right. You walk for five minutes or so. What is around you? Can you see the streets bustling with life, packed with shops and tourists? Then you are in a different city, not Prague.

In Prague, after a few minutes of walk from the Old Town Square, you find yourself in a completely different world. The streets are quiet like after a plague of epidemics in the 1700s and often even equally empty. The buildings are handsome, yes, but they give a feel of a sleeping beauty who, when she wakes up, might surprise you by looking at you with evil bright red eyes. The place, former slums and poorest area of Prague, is associated with lots of legends, and they all feature death, plague, incest, devil, murder or insanity.

You are an adventurer though, you go further. You even enjoy walking on those impossible cobble stones and you happily take a side street which, technically speaking, is not a street but more like a hanging bridge over a non-existant stream. It's absolutely solid but equipped with a banister anyway, just in case. In Prague, everything is possible so inside the building, on the corner, further from you, there is a house. This house, La Casa Blu, is not just a house, but is the whole village too. It is your Spanish village in Prague.

You enter, of course, by now you are used to switching between different worlds in Prague, and here you find yet another one. It is not fake or styled, it's a genuine Latino American world with the name, La Casa Blu. Whatever nationality you are, you feel at home. A home, which doesn't pretend to be something which it is not, a hospitable place where - especially if it is the afternoon - you can sit, read and relax for hours and where you'll get great, tasty and reasonably priced meals.

If you start coming back, you'll eventually become a member of this Spanish village. You'll miss the people, the music, the Spanish language around you, the staff who are saying Hola to each other. And it's mutual. I know what I'm talking about. I found my second home in La Casa Blu. If that doesn't happen to you, I'm sure you'll notice at least this miracle: within a kilometre from Parisian Street, where the rent is 61.000 Czech Crowns per square meter a year, there is a refreshing place which keeps its true self and it's loved despite not putting up a glamorous facade. Feeling enriched, you walk back.
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A Spanish village in Josefov,

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