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Quiz Night


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Quiz Night

Since as long as we’ve been able to muster up some vocal chords, the proverbial human has asked, yet quizzed, for never ending fundamental answers. Questions and answers, answers and questions, it’s just part of us. It keeps us going, keeps us alive. Forever wanting to know; what is our purpose on this planet?

Perhaps a little too deep for a pub quiz, but it’s always good to know that your head is in the right place, and your head is in the right place if you chose to check out Prague’s international pub quizzes. From the Globe Bookstore to La Loca, Prague is well equipped to entertain those brainy bunches out there. Don’t worry about not speaking a lick of Czech, all these quizzes are in English. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to get anything right, you still need to come up with the right answers!

I have been quizzing for as long as I’ve been allowed to go to a pub. The two come hand in hand. You can play with your friends; have your catch up, flirt with the one, drink until you pop and all the time learn something new. For almost one year, every Wednesday, I have been going to Globe Bookstore quiz. Sadly, my team has yet to win, but we have come a close second! First prize can see you win all your drinks paid for, and nachos! Who doesn’t like nachos? Prizes also for second, third and seventh place winners.

Without quizzes, life just doesn’t seem right. We are in a generation where we a constantly trying to better ourselves. Our brain is a muscle, it needs exercising. What better way to “train your brain” than by taking part in an evening designed to access those little doors you forgot that you ever locked, releasing knowledge that you forgot you ever learnt.
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Quiz Night

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