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Dobry den Praguers!
This is a post to discuss the opportunities for writers in Prague and the wider Czech Republic (Czechia).
I'd like to start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Christian and I'm a recent expat to Prague. Like many out there, I am currently teaching English in the city and spend much of my free time frequenting bars and restaurants.
I fell in love with the city, after coming here for a month last year to study on Prague Film School's Summer workshop and, as a result, I decided to make it my home.
I have never visited a city so open to artistic freedom and expression. It seems, at least from the point of view of filmmaking, that 99% of places welcome artistic creation and will, for a nominal fee, allow you to rent their premises for events, exhibitions and filming. Alongside this, you will often see the walls covered in art, by local artists, which can be purchased. Cafe Jericho, for example, hosts a new artist monthly and is also a hotspot for the local literati.
The Globe Cafe also holds regular writers' workshops and has a number of events, throughout the year, hosting visiting poets and writers. So, if you have moved to the city in the hopes of establishing yourself and meeting others with a similar creative passion, watch this space, as I will endeavour to keep you up-to-date on the latest events in the city.
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