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Police in Prague are now getting quite hardcore on expats and tourists. They can really screw you up for not having a passport as ID. Random spot checks take place in metros stations and the "foreign" police target anyone looking or sounding obviously foreign. You can be taken aside, cautioned at the least, humiliated for not having your official ID, taken to a station, further questions, fined.... It does seem like Police are clamping down. Anyone had any bad experiences? Share here.
Ref: 887368677 | Report Date: 15-August-2017 / 12:20:35


I was stopped in the metro by foreign police last month. They asked for ID and I had no passport on me. They let me off with a warning but said they could fine me if they want. I just don't carry my passport around, no way. I keep a copy. I don't think you wanna keep your passport with you as there are pick pockets around the metro.
Ref: #793621828 | Report Date: 22-August-2017 / 11:26:18

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