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UK TV - Finally solution found in CZ
After 7 years in the lovely CZ and numerous attempts at finding a reliable supplier of UK TV channels, (because admit it Czech TV is not greatest if you don't speak Czech :)) I stumbled across a global IP TV provider.

All the UK channels, SKY Sports / Movies are provided. No VPN required. I am running mine on an Android TV box - you can pick up very cheap at any electrical store.

Check the link below:

I am not affilated with Ace IP TV in anyway - just a very satisfied customer.
Right, enough from me - watching OFAH on Gold now. Private Message me if you need advice.
Ref: 1824165409 | Report Date: 10-September-2017 / 06:35:44


What about FilmOn? They were quite good for watching TV online. It was free and pay for really premium channels. Now it seems very heavy on advertising and not all free.
Ref: #202066316 | Report Date: 21-September-2017 / 16:59:05

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