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Karlovy Lazne


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Karlovy Lazne is one of the best nightclubs for the nightlife. It is located near Charles Bridge, which you will want to see, so there is not a reason why you can not head over here to see what it is all about. There are 4 floors and it is the largest club in Central Europe!
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Wow this sounds like a really cool club. And it must be rather large to have 4 floors. Does each floor play a different kind of music? Were you able to visit each of the 4 floors?
Ref: #1502322581 | Report Date: 07-August-2015 / 19:48:24

Yes it was a large club. I did make it to all 4 floors. I would recommend going there as it was a lot of fun. They played all different music on the floors when I visited.
Ref: #195905882 | Report Date: 09-August-2015 / 00:04:22

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